Better than a Security Deposit.

Double the Protection for Landlords
$0 Rental Deposits for Tenants.

How It Works?

A Smarter Way to Rent

For a small fee, Tenants can quickly replace their current/upcoming security deposits and double the rental protection of Landlords with YourDeposit.



Rent without a deposit, Reinvest your savings.



Lease your properties quicker with better protection.



Offer Landlords better protection and close more deals.

$0 Deposit


Our deposit-replacement product for Tenants to move-in without a security deposit while offering superior protection to Landlords.

For Landlords

Safer & Smarter

Avoid tenancy gaps while obtaining superior protection against rental defaults and damage.

Double the protection of a traditional security deposit.

Attract more Tenants

Rent your property with no deposit and make it more affordable for renters.

For Agents

Better experience from move-in to move-out

Offer Landlords better protection and close more deals.

Tenants love renting deposit-free. Activating YourDeposit only takes a minute and the property is instantly protected That means your tenants can move in earlier and with less hassle.


Manage all your tenancies in one place

Log in to YourRent’s online platform to check on documentation, communication and to resolve any disputes.

For Tenants

Rent your next home with $0 deposit

Reinvest your savings and enjoy a much better way to rent.

Get your existing deposit back early

Switch your existing tenancy to a YourDeposit membership and you’ll get your existing deposit back early.


It’s all done online

The YourRent online platform helps you and your agent manage everything from move-in to move-out in a single, convenient place.

End of tenancy made easy

When it is time to move-out, YourDeposit members leave without any hassle. Disputes, if any, can be resolved via the YourRent platform.

The New Normal Flexible, Fair & Efficient

About Us

Why YourRent?

We believe that by working closely with the real estate ecosystem, we'll create innovative solutions that transform the industry, benefitting everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is YourRent?

YourRent is a fair and flexible rental platform for Tenants, Agents & Landlords to enjoy a better rental experience.

What is YourDeposit

YourDeposit is our deposit-replacement product for Tenants to move-in without a security deposit while offering superior protection to Landlords. Win-win.

Can I use YourDeposit on both new and existing leases?

You can and you should.

For new leases, once the Landlord agrees on the replacement, just direct your tenants to our website to get started. For existing leases, it works the same way. We will replace their existing security deposits, put cash back into their pockets and improve the Landlord’s protection.

What happens if I want to cancel my membership early?

You can cancel your membership at any time, but you will have to give your landlord an alternative form of security deposit.

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